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For Youth Entering 3rd-5th Grade:

Week 1: July 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th
Small Innovations with Bonnie Lucas
Work alongside special guest Bonnie Lucas, as she shares her invitations to work with small scale objects and materials to create small wonders!

Week 2: July 8th - 12th
Voice and Space : Experimental Poetry
Play with how words can appear on the page through experiments like erasure poems and remixing other writers' words!

Week 3: July 15th - 19th
Comics and Manga
Learn about different methods and utilizations of visual storytelling, and how you can harness and self express your own ideas in a visual format!

Week 4: July 22nd - 26th
Trash is Treasure
Using common refuse and found items, we will make sculptures, costumes, puppets, and more—to turn what was trash into TREASURE!

Week 5: July 29th - August 2nd
Building Blocks : Sculpture
Sculpture is not just imposing sculptures in museums—anyone can make a sculpture, with simple everyday materials and an open mind!

Week 6: August 5th - 9th
Collage Making
Dive into the exciting realms of color and nature through the art of collage!

Week 7: August 12th - 16th
Experiments in Collage
The spirit of Collage will be our guide as we create and share songs, videos, sound poetry, found poetry, trash art, instruments, and community!

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For Youth Entering 6th-8th Grade:

Week 2: July 8th - 12th
Observational Mindfulness
Explore visual journaling and how this practice not only enriches our lives, but solidifies our place among the people and places in our world.

Week 3: July 15th - 19th
Monsters and Mythmaking
Utilize chance-based strategy, collage, collaboration, storytelling, and Surrealist art games to stretch your imagination and dream up new creatures to bring to life on paper!

Week 4: July 22nd - 26th
Surrealism Camp
Learn about surrealist artists and the concept of the "absurd" through fun and freeing lessons like exquisite corpses, drawing with an extremely long pencil, automatic drawing, and more!

Week 6: August 5th - 9th
Handcrafted Zines
Create analogue zines using drawing, painting, collage, and/or writing! We'll go from dummy, to creating content, to laying out books by hand.

Week 7: August 12th - 16th
Make Your Own Oracle Deck
We'll demystify the art of creating oracle decks, presenting it as a fun, accessible activity that taps into each camper's unique wisdom and creativity!

Week 8: August 19th - 23rd
Tapestry Crochet
Use basic crochet stitches to explore tapestry crochet, starting by designing motifs using graph paper, then using those ideas to create physical forms!

Week 8: August 19th - 23rd: Sky Scouts
Sky Scouts: Astrology for Everyone
This camp is the first stop on what may become a lifelong exploration of Astrology, a practice that connects us what we are made of—star dust, along with magic, myth and possibilities!

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For Youth Entering 7th-12th Grade:

Pre-Camp: June 15th, 16th, 22nd & 23rd
Mural Painting
What goes into designing and painting a mural? Come learn from an experienced mural painter, then collaborate to design and paint a mural IN I♡Youth2!

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