About ILY2

Founded in 2020, ILY2 proposes a new paradigm for the arts, rooted in radical generosity, and anchored by increased access to resources, network building, and mentorship.

ILY2 mindfully centers creatives as influential participants in the arts ecosystem, providing them with tangible opportunities to present their works at its Portland Pearl District 1,660 sq. ft. gallery and beyond.

Formerly occupied by PDX Contemporary, one of the many female-led arts ventures to call the neighborhood home, ILY2’s physical location at 925 Flanders Street was originally designed in 2006, and reimagined by Andee Hess of Osmose Design in 2022. Focused on building intentional connections through art, ILY2 is neighbored by Blackfish Gallery, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Adams and Ollman, Stelo Arts, and the lumber room. Following the retirement of Portland's railways, ports, and warehouses, the region underwent a rebirth in the 1980’s led by local builders, architects, and developers who made the area home to a thriving arts community.

ILY2 expands upon the legacy of the Pearl District, serving as a fluid container for artistic imagination, surrounded by eateries, neighboring galleries, and residences.

Leaning into constant reinvention and evolution, ILY2 weaves Portland’s future, carving a space for regenerative and transformational art experiences. By connecting artists to other mediums and creatives, ILY2’s energy reverberates beyond Portland to generate cultural and economic value for artists globally.